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[movies]Two Factor Authentication
Secure Access Technologies is a best two-factor authentication security company. SAT provides adaptive security, proximity security, multi -factor authentication and application security with incredible convenient usage. No more lost devices. No more password theft.
Keywords: two factor authentication; two factor authentication solutions
Downloads: 2
[movies]SSL Authentication - mitokencom6
Visit http://mi-token.com/, connects you with Mi-Token Inc providing simplified and secure two-factor authentication solution to secure your enterprise network. The company was originally is originally developed by expert bank security specialists and cryptographic professionals the company caters to the security needs of the banking industry. The company has its operations based in the US and the Australia has earned the reputation of creating world-class and innovate security solutions.
Keywords: rsa authentication manager; rsa server; secure authentication
Downloads: 12
[movies]Secure Authentication - mitoken68
Browse http://mi-token.com to get connected with Mi-Token Inc that offers simplified and secure two-factor authentication solution to secure your organization. The company was originally developed by expert bank security specialists and cryptographic professionals. The company caters to the security from external threats including cache poisoning and Trojan virus needed for banking. The company has earned the reputation of creating world-class and innovate security solutions.
Keywords: rsa authentication manager; rsa server; secure authentication
Downloads: 222
Use of mobile phone is quite common in the modern day environment .With the increase in the facilities for the users of different sectors, data theft has also increased. To prevent the authentication process from the data theft, one time password system is applied to various sector of the industry like if you are logging in into an account, you need a OTPKpassword to get verified that you are the authenticated user...
Keywords: OTPK; Mobile Users; Authentication
Downloads: 1
[texts]TS 102 165-1 - V4.2.3 - Telecommunications and Internet converged Services and Protocols for Advanced Networking (TISPAN); Methods and protocols; Part 1: Method and proforma for Threat, Risk, Vulnerability Analysis - European Telecommunications Standards Institute

Keywords: authentication; confidentiality; security
Downloads: 13
[audio]Englewood Christian Church Sunday Service, July 20, 2014 - Michael J. Bowling
Englewood Christian Church Sunday Service, July 20, 2014 "Authentication of the Spirit" II Corinthians 3:1-18
Keywords: Authentication of the Spirit
Downloads: 2
[texts]20. Implimenatation .full'
In this paper we implemented a graphical authentication system which overcomes all drawbacks of existing authentication system. In this system we combine the features of D´ej`a Vu, Cued Click Points, Secret Draw technique and Text Passwords. In this system we used database of 20 images. In the password creation process, we provide 4 images randomly amongst database of 20 images. On first 3 images user can select click points and add single digit/text on that images...
Keywords: Authentication; Graphical Passwords; Security
Downloads: 15
[movies]How to use OpenID - Simon Willison
OpenID is a decentralised authentication system. This screencast shows how OpenID can be used to log in to multiple sites without having to create a new username and password for each one.
Keywords: openid; howto; identity; authentication
Downloads: 25,804
[texts]passwords - University of Alabama at Birmingham
Downloads: 11
[texts]TS 103 908 - V1.1.1 - PowerLine Telecommunications (PLT); BPSK Narrow Band Power Line Channel for Smart Metering Applications [CEN EN 14908-3:2006, modified] - European Telecommunications Standards Institute

Keywords: authentication; confidentiality; endorsement; powerline
Downloads: 22
[texts]Global Multi Factor Authentication Market 2014 2018
Complete Report is Available @ http://www.sandlerresearch.org/global-multi-factor-authentication-market-2014-2018.html .   Global Multi-factor Authentication Market 2014-2018 is the latest addition to Sandlerresearch.org industry research reports collection.
Keywords: Multi-factor Authentication Market; online Authentication Market; global Multi-factor Authentication Market; online Authentication Market; Multi-factor Authentication industry; online Multi-factor Authentication industry; online Authentication industry; Multi-factor Authentication; market research reports; industry research reports
Downloads: 5
[texts]High-performance Implementation Approach of - Abdalhossein Rezai, Parviz keshavarzi
This paper presents a new efficient implementation approach of elliptic curve cryptosystem based on a novel finite field multiplication and a high performance scalar multiplication algorithm for wireless network authentication. In this new finite field multiplication, CLNZ sliding window method is used on the signed-digit multiplier in order to reduce the multiplication steps. In addition, in scalar multiplication algorithm of the proposed implementation approach, point addition and point doubli...
Keywords: Wireless Network Security; Authentication; Elliptic
Downloads: 58
[software]Activity and Authentication Analyzer - http://www.aaanalyzer.addr.com
This is a security program to implement activity analysis, to counteract such an analysis and to change the system settings and policies. You can also use it to restrict access to the sensitive data and available services as well as to change the settings of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netmeeting, MSN Instant Messenger and Outlook Express. It includes 402 system policies, 115 Windows authentication and configuration items and 190 histories entries.
Keywords: Activity and Authentication Analyzer; Internet; Monitoring; System; AUTHENTICATION; ANALYZER; ANALYZE; ACTIVITY; MONITOR; MONITORING; SYSTEM; Activity and Authentication Analyzer
Downloads: 59
[texts]2. Eng An Effective Spatial Query Integrity Using Merkle Ashiba Sundaram - R. G. Sakthivelan & Ashiba Sundaram
In Database outsourcing paradigm, theauthentication of the query results at the client remains a challenging problem. Existing system focuses on the Outsourced Spatial Database (OSDB) model and propose an efficient scheme, called VN-Auth, which allows a client to verify the correctness and completeness of the result set. This approach is based on neighborhood information derived from the Voronoi diagram of the underlying spatial data set and can handle fundamental spatial query types, such as k ...
Keywords: Query Authentication; Spatial Queries; Outsourced Databases
Downloads: 2
[texts]An Intelligent System for Secured Authentication using Hierarchical Visual Cryptography-Review
This paper introduces the idea of hierarchical visualcryptography. Authentication is the important issue over theinternet. This paper describes a secured authenticationmechanism with the help of visual cryptography. Visualcryptography simply divides secret information in to numberof parts called shares. These shares are further transmittedover the network and at the receiving end secrets are revealedby superimposition...
Keywords: Visual cryptography; secret sharing; shares; authentication
Downloads: 64
[texts]10. An Efficient Mechanism.full
After realizing importance of Graphical passwords, In this paper we proposed a system which will overcome all drawbacks of existing systems & will play a great role in password authentication. In this paper we combine the features ofD´ej`a Vu, Cued Click Points, Secret Draw technique and Text Passwords. In the password creation process, we provide 4 images. On first 3 images user will select click points and add single digit/text at the place of click point...
Keywords: Authentication; Click Points; Graphical Password; Security
Downloads: 6
[texts]Raising User Acceptance of Token-based Authentication by Single Sign-On
Secure and reliable authentication is one important part in the scope of IT security, but the practical experience shows that adequate authentication mechanisms are often inconvenient for the populace. Password-based mechanisms dominate as they are easy to use and do not need additional hardware. However, lots of users do not realize the threads with respect to password-based mechanisms: many users use passwords for remote authentication over unsecured channels or in not trustworthy environments...
Keywords: authentication; single sign-on; crypto token
Downloads: 10
[texts]6. Eng Developing Automated Gate Controlled Security Deshant - DESHANT1 & RAHUL JOHARI²
In today’s world of technology, security for systems/restricted places has become a challenging task. Authentication plays a major role for any security system where access can be given to only authorized persons. Authentication is the process of giving someone the identity so that he or she can access that particular application or data. It is like confirming something what it claims to be something like we are showing our ID proof to get access in the particular area restricted to particular...
Keywords: Authentication; Matrix; Biometric; MATLAB; Security System
Downloads: 2
Designing low cost and high speed authenticationsolution for digital images is always an attractive area ofresearch in image processing. In past few years because ofwidespread use of internet and network technology, conceptof information distribution has been become habit rather thanexception in daily life. In same aspects challenges involvedwith distribution of authenticate information has beenincreased manifolds...
Keywords: image authentication; histogram; statistical moments; Skewness; Kurtosis
Downloads: 8
[unknown]Wiki - Authentication
Authentication dumped with WikiTeam tools.
Keywords: wiki; wikiteam; MediaWiki; Authentication; authenticationshoutwikicom_w
[software]Officeware Workstation w-Process Authentication - http://www.seventhknight.com
This program stops executable-based worms, Trojans, viruses and hacking attempts. It does not require updates to keep you protected.
Keywords: Officeware Workstation w-Process Authentication; System and utilities; Security; Trojan detection; officeware workstation w process authentication
Downloads: 132
[texts]mit :: lcs :: tr :: MIT-LCS-TR-818
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.mit :: lcs :: tr :: MIT-LCS-TR-818
Keywords: authentication; cookie; adversary; user; http; authenticator; server; web; username; password; expiration time; authentication token; client authentication; web client; authentication scheme; message authentication; session identifier; interrogative adversary; web sites; user logs
Downloads: 23
[unknown]Wiki - Joomla! Authentication Tools (JAuthTools)
Joomla! Authentication Tools (JAuthTools) dumped with WikiTeam tools.
Keywords: wiki; wikiteam; MediaWiki; Joomla! Authentication Tools (JAuthTools); sammoffattcomau_jauthtools; unknowncopyright
Downloads: 2
Social media has made it easier than ever to publish pictures on the internet. Investigators now have to determine how to deal with pictures, posted to these social media websites, which become evidence in crimes. Traditional methods of authenticating the origin of pictures are not as effective because the processing applied by the social media websites eliminates or obscures much of this information...
Keywords: cellphone; facebook; image attribution; image authentication; social media
Downloads: 101
[movies]IDology: International Solutions
https://www.idology.com | IDology’s customers are increasingly looking for ways to continue growing their businesses internationally using the strength of our solutions successfully deployed domestically. IDology serves numerous international markets and provides a customized identity verification and fraud platform for each market , all with the ease of integration within a single platform. For more information call 866-520-1234
Keywords: ID verification; identity proofing; knowledge based authentication; CIP compliance
Downloads: 3
[texts]mit :: lcs :: tr :: MIT-LCS-TR-691
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.mit :: lcs :: tr :: MIT-LCS-TR-691
Keywords: server; authentication; servers; access; mesh; model; domain; security; cascaded; request; pairwise authentication; cascaded authentication; access certificate; access certificates; security policy; path server; room reservation; security model; authentication server; generic server
Downloads: 22
[texts]Secure Multi-Party Negotiation: An Analysis for Electronic Payments in Mobile Computing
This paper is an attempt to base on auctions whichpresents a frame work for the secure multi-party decisionprotocols. In addition to the implementations which are verylight weighted, the main focus is on synchronizing securityfeatures for avoiding agreements manipulations and reducingthe user traffic. Through this paper one can understand thatthis different auction protocols on top of the frame work canbe collaborated using mobile devices...
Keywords: Multi-party signature; Mobile authentication; Mobile Privacy; Negotiation; Electronic Payments
Downloads: 4
[texts]The Design of RFID Tag for “Mywallet”
In recently years, tags of RFID have been developed rapidly[1][2][3]. Different tags may have different applications but the security requirements are of the same, i.e.: anti-reproducing and anti-forgery. With respect to reproducing, it can only be solved physically. And with respect to anti-forgery, it can only be solved logically. “Mywallet “is designed to meet the need of dual direction authentication without CPU.
Keywords: RFID Tag; CPK Cryptosystem; Mywallet; Dual Direction Authentication
Downloads: 10
[movies]IDology: Why we do. What we do.
https://www.idology.com/| IDology provides real-time and on-demand identity verification and fraud prevention solutions for organizations operating in a customer-not-present environment. IDology drives customer acquisition and revenue, stops fraud, protects peoples identities, guards privacy, validates customers identities in a safe and effective way. For more information call 866-520-1234
Keywords: ID verification; identity proofing; knowledge based authentication; protects privacy
Downloads: 2
[texts]Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging Market: Trends Forecast
The anti-counterfeit market is broadly divided on the basis of application as food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, and others, for this study. Others include electronics, clothing, consumer goods, entertainment, automotive equipment, and many more. With a huge market potential and growing awareness about counterfeiting, the market is likely to witness considerable growth in the years to come. In 2013, food & beverages acquired the largest share as an application of anti-counterfeit packaging; howe...
Keywords: Authentication & Anti-Tempering; and Track & Trace; Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging
Downloads: 1
[texts]Multi-Factor Authentication Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, (2013 – 2019)
The global multi-factor authentication (MFA) market has shown remarkable progress in the recent years and is also showing attractive market potential for the future. North America and Europe hold the largest market share of the global MFA market and Asia-Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing region in the coming years. The market is segmented into three major categories on the basis of model types into: two factor authentication, three factor authentication, and four factor authenticatio...
Keywords: Multi-Factor-Authentication-Market; Transparency-Market-Research; Market-Research-Reports
Downloads: 57
[texts]Guideline for the use of advanced authentication technology alternatives - National Institute of Standards and Technology (U.S.)
"Category: computer security, subcategory: access control."
Keywords: Computers Access control Keystroke timing authentication Standards United States
Downloads: 52
[movies]Example workflow using Jasig CAS - Jose Miguel Parrella Romero
This is an example workflow of two applications single signing-on using Jasig CAS
Keywords: jasig; cas; single sign on; sso; web applications; authentication; security
Downloads: 128
[texts]Attack Robustness and Security Enhancement with Improved Wired Equivalent Protocol
With the widespread use of wireless networks,securing Data transmission becomes a basic requirement. TheIEEE 802.11 standard which defines wireless networkscommunication, has proposed in its second version, IEEE802.11b, a new protocol to offer some wired-like securityservices, such as: data privacy, data integrity, andauthentication. In this paper, we analyze Wired EquivalentPrivacy(WEP) security holes and we propose an improvementover WEP which achieves, in addition to its security goals,anothe...
Keywords: WEP; RC4; 802.11 Security; Wireless Communication; Authentication; Attacks
Downloads: 13
[movies]electronic_acess_control_systems - priyank tiwari
The requirement for electronic access controls has increased manifold in the wake of threats becoming more and more complex. The threat to the public and private properties are coming mutually from the cross border and their own citizens. EACS market includes verification systems, burglar alarm and boundary security systems as they keep a watch as well as prevent malicious actions under check. The main difference is that verification systems are positioned –in-line and able to actively prevent...
Keywords: Electronic Access Control Systems Market; Eacs Market; Authentication Systems Market
Downloads: 12
[texts]xerox :: parc :: techReports :: CSL-78-4 Using Encryption for Authentication in Large Networks of Computers
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.xerox :: parc :: techReports :: CSL-78-4 Using Encryption for Authentication in Large Networks of Computers
Keywords: authentication; encryption; protocol; servers; encrypted; networks; message; protocols; key; server; conventional encryption; nonce identifier; large networks; encryption algorithms; authentication servers; public key; time integrity; signature block; authentication server; multiple authentication
Downloads: 44
[movies]IDology: International Solutions
https://www.idology.com | IDology’s customers are increasingly looking for ways to continue growing their businesses internationally using the strength of our solutions successfully deployed domestically. IDology serves numerous international markets and provides a customized identity verification and fraud platform for each market , all with the ease of integration within a single platform. For more information call 866-520-1234
Keywords: ID verification; identity proofing; knowledge based authentication; CIP compliance
Downloads: 2
[texts]Security Improvement of a Transformed-key Asymmetric Watermarking System
An effective asymmetric watermarking procedure has been recently devised in literature, named Transformed-key Asymmetric Watermarking (TKAW). A weakness point of this system is its vulnerability against projection attacks, as well shown by Chen and Ye. This work discusses a modified version of the TKAW to provide robustness against projection attacks, by means of a non-linear transformation, without increasing the computational complexity of the original method but with the same performances.
Keywords: Authentication; Digital Watermarking; Asymmetric Watermarking; Attacks and Countermeasures
Downloads: 13
[movies]The Importance Of Customer Privacy In Today’s Landscape
https://www.idology.com | Here at IDology, consumer privacy and protection is the forefront of why we do what we do. So, how do organizations protect consumer privacy? Find out more in this video about the importance of customer privacy in today's landscape. For more information on IDology call 866.520.1234.
Keywords: customer privacy; id verification; identity verification; knowledge based authentication
[texts]dec :: tech reports :: SRC-TN-1998-007
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.dec :: tech reports :: SRC-TN-1998-007
Keywords: protocol; message; key; credit; authentication; principal; responsibility; protocols; messages; encrypted; session key; public key; authentication protocol; secret key; shared key; martin abadi; hash function; corresponding secret
Downloads: 1
[texts]14. Eng Security Threats And Preventions In Mobile Ad Md. Imran Hossain - Md. Imran Hossain
A mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is a self-configuring network consists of mobile routers  (included associated hosts) connected by wireless links which build a capricious topology forms the union. The routers are free to move randomly and organize themselves at a random manner; as a result, the network's wireless topology could change rapidly and unpredictably. MANETs are usually used in the situations of urgency for temporary operations or simply if there are no resources to set up sophistica...
Keywords: MANET; Topology; Infrastructure; Power Consumption; Protocol; Authentication; Confidentiality; Integrity; Non-Repudiation
[texts]Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging Market Research Report Forecast to 2019
The market for anti-counterfeit, anti-tampering and authentication is projected to record a CAGR of 14.1% from 2014 to 2019. The estimation is a result of new products & technologies launches in the industry, with increase in application of anti-counterfeit in different economies. Authentication technology dominates the market in terms of value and market awareness of new target crops such as alfalfa and canola.The anti-counterfeit market  is broadly divided on the basis of application as food ...
Keywords: Authentication; Anti-Tempering; Beverage; Pharmaceuticals; Anti-Counterfeiting; Packaging; Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging
Downloads: 2
[texts]Authentication of an Image over Wireless Channels Based on Secure Digital Signature Scheme - A. Swetha, P. Chenna Reddy
Internet is a popular communicating channel. Because of the advance in networking and multimedia applications,multimedia contents can easily be attacked by the unauthorized persons. To confirm content integrity and to prevent duplication, imageauthentication techniques have been emerged. A secure digital signature scheme is one of the image authentication techniques that issuitable for an insecure environment, and is robust to transmission errors...
Keywords: Authentication; Secure digital signature; Digital signature; Content authenticity verification; Error concealment
Downloads: 16
[audio]Faelschungssicherheit & Blindenschrift: Was bringt die Zukunft? - IQPC GmbH
Gain access to free articles, whitepapers and more on this topic, visit: http://goo.gl/acftH In diesem Podcast spricht Thomas Brueckner, Leiter des Geschaeftsfeldes Pharmazie, Besondere Therapierichtungen und Medizinprodukte bei der Bundesverband der Pharmazeutischen Industrie e.V., Ueber die Herausforderungen, die mit den Regelungen EU-Pharmapakets auf die pharmazeutische Verpackungsindustrie zukommen werden...
Keywords: authentication; counterfeit; counterfeitting; flschung; flschungssicherheit; interview; medikamente; medizin; pharma; pharmazie; podcast
Downloads: 28
[texts]generalmanual 000011994
generalmanual 000011994
Keywords: wireless; orinoco; proxim; access; billing; bandwidth; authentication; radius; vpn; dynamic; access point; public hotspot
Downloads: 6
 In the recent years, cloud computing has emergedas one of the hottest and revolutionizing trends in the field ofinformation technology. Even as more and more people andorganizations are migrating towards cloud computing, securityissues posed by the cloud is a growing concern.In this paper, we propose a layered architecture to enhancethe protection of data in cloud infrastructure. The architecture,which is a software solution, mitigates some of the securityissues such as DDoS attacks, of data b...
Keywords: Layered architecture; Security issues; DDoS attacks; Packet malformed attacks; Homomorphic encryption; Private Cookie Authentication; Hadoop
Downloads: 3
[movies]Plone Conference 2006: Dive Into PAS - The Plone Community
Wichert Akkerman's tutorial from Plone Conference 2006. Plone 2.5 switched to a new authentication system: GRUF has been replaced with the Pluggable Authentication System (PAS). PAS is a highly modular system, making it possible to support (combinations of) all kinds of different authentication and membership management systems. This tutorial explains the interfaces PAS offers to implementers and users and demonstrates them by implementing a number of different PAS plugins...
Keywords: plone; plone conference; open-source; software; content management systems; PAS; authentication; wichert akkerman
Downloads: 659 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(4 reviews)
[texts]Comparative Analysis and Application of Common Authentication and Accounting Technology in the Modern Network
Through technical analysis and comparison of authenticationmodes and architecture of commonly used networkaccounting technology such as PPPoE + Radius, DHCP +WEB + Radius, 802.1X + Radius, Kerberos and SSO, it isrevealed in this paper that Kerberos as a new mode issuitable for the application of Web network system identityAuthentication; while in many cases SSO can access all themutually trusted application system by means of a singlelogin; and in modern broadband Ethernet access, optimizedIEEE ...
Keywords: PPPoE; Web Portal; 802.1X + Radius; Kerberos; SSO; Authentication and Accounting
Downloads: 12
[texts]80 8 10Artificial Intelligence Based Mutual Authentication Technique with Four Entities in 4-G Mobile Communications
4-G mobile communications system has utilized high speed data communications technology having connectivity to all sorts of networks including 2-G and 3-G mobile networks. Authentication of mobile subscribers and networks are a prime criterion to check and minimize security threats and attacks. An artificial intelligence based mutual authentication system with four entities is proposed. A person talking salutation or greeting words in different times are always consisting of a very narrow range ...
Keywords: Biometric Scheme; Clapping Sound; Flipping Sound; Fuzzy operation; Identifier; Mutual authentication; Packet Switching; Salutation word
Downloads: 114
 Web application security is among the hottest issuein present web scenario due to increasing use of webapplications for e-business environment. Web application hasbecome the easiest way to provide wide range of services tousers. Due to transfer of confidential data during these servicesweb application are more vulnerable to attacks. Webapplication attack occurs because of lack of security awarenessand poor programming skills...
Keywords: Security; Web Application Attacks; SQL Injection; Cross Site Scripting; XSS; Broken Authentication; Session Management
Downloads: 6
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